Gear Requirements


  • Undamaged full-face helmet with face shield. Must be DOT, Snell or ECE rated.
  • It is required that all riders put their competition number on the chin bar or side of their helmets to aid in identification should the rider be involved in a multi-bike incident.
  • Gauntlet gloves with leather protecting the palms and fingers.
  • Motorcycle Riding boots at least 8″ that fully cover the ankle.
  • We suggest you use a chest and back protector.
  • One or two-piece leather suit required. Two piece suits must have 360 degree zipper.
  • Please carry your In Case of Emergency information with you on the track. This info would include: your full name, blood type, current medications, allergies and emergency contact persons name and phone number. “I.C.E.” info cards are not required. But, are highly recommended.
  • Knee and toe sliders that emit sparks are prohibited.

All gear must be in good condition, free of holes and have padding in the shoulders, elbows and knees.