Groups and Passing Rules


Leave at least six feet of space between you and other riders.

Novice Group is for experienced street riders looking to improve their skills and become safer riders. Passing is limited to straights. 

Intermediate Group 1 is for riders with some track experience who are looking for a moderate pace and, are familiar with the flags, pit in/out procedures. Passing limited to straights in the morning sessions, with outside passing open after lunch.

Intermediate Group 2 is for experienced track riders. Passing on straights and on the outside in turns for the morning sessions, with inside passing open after lunch.

Advance Group is for track day veterans and licensed racers. The pace will be accelerated with safe passing allowed in every section of the track.

Remember track days are not races. There is no reason to make a dangerous pass. All reports of dangerous riders will be taken very seriously. Do not “stuff” other riders into turns. If you are stuck behind a group of slower riders and are getting frustrated, please come into the hot pit lane and let the Marshall know you want some space. You will then be released back on to the track.